Leah Remini interviews in 2006

Video transcript

“And I have included myself in this category of, you know, this makes me legit, you know, if I have a house that looks like this and a car that looks like that or boobs that look like this then I’m legit, you know, I am really in this business and I am really someone to be reckoned with. And you know, I’ve gone down that path, I don't really have the boobs but I have the other things and it’s an empty happiness and I see it time and time again. I have successful friends in all areas of the entertainment industry and what I see are failed marriages, failed relationships, unhappiness, depression is a big one. I am not a depressed person. And I guess I take it for granted because I've been in Scientology most of my life but that's what I see, I see these are definite traps that you have to look this way and act this way as opposed to really being a well adjusted, happy human being with integrity.”