If a staff member wishes to leave, they may do so at any time. The Church requests that individuals follow certain administrative procedures to wind up their staff affairs before actually leaving staff, including turning over any ongoing work projects to another staff member to ensure continuity in the organization. Similar procedures are followed if a staff member or Sea Organization member is dismissed.

A Sea Organization member or other staff member who chooses to leave before the fulfillment of their covenant, or who is dismissed, always has the option of partaking in a religious program to enable them to continue to participate fully in Scientology services as a parishioner. Restoration to good standing includes a program to make good any damage the individual may have caused, which may include financial recompense to the Church.

As with any religious order, a member of the Sea Organization may be dismissed for unethical behavior and conduct. This can range from severe violations of ecclesiastic policy to misconduct in a corporate capacity. Quite in addition to participating in a program to return them to good standing as a parishioner, an individual may also be requested to make financial restitution, particularly if the reason for their dismissal was related to financial matters.