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Musician Leonid Vorobyev Fulfills His Dreams

Through Scientology, Leonid Vorobyev found personal and creative freedom. His video profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

Music is Leonid Vorobyev’s life, but in 1994, living 150 miles from the Mongolian border in the Siberian town of Ulan-Ude, he had virtually abandoned his goals. Scientology and Dianetics reawakened his purpose, restored his courage and gave him the tools to succeed.

Vorobyev graduated from the Ulan-Ude Institute of Culture in 1980 and married the same year. He knew his career demanded decisive action, but he could not bring himself to take it.

In his video profile on, Vorobyev describes the state of mind that defeated him.

“I dreamed of moving to Moscow and making music professionally,” says Vorobyev. “But personal hang-ups hindered me—inhibiting thoughts like ‘Will I make it? Will this turn out right?’ and fear of what people would say if I didn’t succeed.”

He settled for performing in local restaurants, eventually opening a small music studio. But 13 years later, now the father of three, he had to face facts—he simply wasn’t earning enough to support a family.

Finally, in 1993 he took a job in sales. A year later, miserable and on the brink of divorce, he suffered what looked like the final blow—a badly broken leg.

He traveled 150 miles to see a specialist, but the prognosis for a full recovery was slim. At the age of 40, he felt defeated and old.

On his way home, he visited a former classmate and a book in her home caught his eye: Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health. He borrowed the book and read it cover to cover. Learning that a trained Dianetics counselor lived in his hometown, he immediately got her help.

Dianetics transformed his apathetic disposition into a state of energetic optimism.

“I felt like a cork popped from a bottle of champagne,” he says. “I just stood up, went to the airport and bought a ticket, arrived in Moscow and started my new career from practically nothing.”

Over the next few years Vorobyev established himself in the music industry working in one of the leading music studios in capital, salvaged his marriage and moved his entire family to Moscow in 1998, all the while continuing his Scientology studies and introducing his wife and children to the religion as well.

A producer now, Vorobyev has worked with some of the biggest names in Russian music, including Zemfira, Dima Bilan, Nikolay Baskov, Kristina Orbakayte and Stas Mikhailov.

“I have freedom in what I am doing and it brings me real happiness,” he says. “Because of Dianetics and Scientology I made my dreams a reality.”

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